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Welcome to Sommet Fitness

Scottsdale Personal Training & Pilates Studio.

Sommet Fitness was created for you. The you who is hard at work. The you who can’t find enough hours in the day. The you who wonders from time to time, “but what about me?”

Sommet Fitness was created for that ‘you’. We are a fitness training company with a network of some of the brightest, most intuitive trainers available in the Valley. We have a beautiful training studio in North Scottsdale, where your trainer will guide you on the best strength, balance, Pilates equipment available and help you become the best ‘you’ imaginable.

Sommet Fitness’s training philosophy embodies the whole ‘you’. Our trainers will assess your body’s functionality as well as its fitness. They will discuss your lifestyle; your aspirations; the things that make you tick. They will develop with you a plan for all of it, and they will guide you through that plan to help you find harmony with your body, mind, life.

Come inside. Get to know us. We are here for you.

pilates in Sommet fitness of scottsdale


Strengthens your core while providing longer, leaner muscles through its fluid movements and mind-body exercises.

exercise bootcamps in phoenix and scottsdale


You can achieve the benefits and results of exercise and healthy living with a Personal Trainer in a shorter time.

Personal Training Programs in Scottsdale

Personal Training

In one hour, you can burn more calories while enjoying the fun of working out as a group.